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Model # 180-15 Badger Air-Brush Co.
Airstorm Compressor

Maintenance free 1/6 hp compressor with on/off toggle switch and auto shut-off. 1/8" hose connection. Includes 1/8" to 1/4" hose adaptor. Operating pressure up to 57 psi.

Replaces 180-10/180-12/BTC110


Your Price - $255.00 


Model # TC910 Badger Air-Brush Co.
Aspire Pro

Maintenance free 1/5 HP compressor with On/off toggle switch with auto shut-off, air regulator, gauge and moisture trap and two airbrush holder. One gallon air storage tank. Max pressure 57psi


Your Price - $460.00 
Model # TC909 Thayer & Chandler Aspire Elite Compressor
Automatic shut off piston compressor. 1/8 hp. on/off switch. Adjustable regulator and pressure gauge. Built-in Moisture Filter. Quiet and Lightweight. Maintenance free and oil-less. Operating pressure up to 40psi.




Your Price - $285.00 

Model # TC908 ASPIRE

Airbrush trigger activated start/stop. "Hidden" handle. 1/6 hp. Air regulator, gauge, and moisture trap. On/off toggle switch. 1/8" hose connection. Includes 1/8" to 1/4" hose adaptor. Max Pressure 57psi.



Your Price - $265.00 

Model # 80-3N Badger Air-Brush Co.
Breeze Compressor

Low pressure diaphragm compressor, ideal for
delectable needs of cake decorators. Lightweight
portable, features on on/off switch.



Your Price - $129.00